We graduated from the Huaxia Qigong Center Two-year Teacher Training Class and have been working in various training and healing for many years. We are willing to help you achieve your life goals with rich teaching experience.


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Healing demostration at Zhineng Qigong workshop in March 2024

This video have shown us the great power of Zhineng Qigong, allowing us to witness miracles and enhance people's confidence in practicing and healing.

Those who watch this video can receive more healing good information and will get great change. 

Please send heartfelt blessings to the people in the video! HAOLA!

Master LvJunfeng

Zhineng Qigong Science

Deeper  Healing  and Practice  With  Master Lv Junfeng

From  May 6th  to  May 25th , 2024     12 days

This Online Healing Course is open for all patients. Prior knowledge in Qigong is not required.
With the Qi-field and regular practice, patients can get rid of the suffering of various diseases, improve their physical and mental health.

    ★ Patients who are looking for simple, safe, and high efficient healing methods due to the insufficient efficacy of other treatment methods.

    ★ People in sub-health state who often feel tired and lack energy when doing something

    ★ Patients in the recovery period after tumor surgery or other diseases

    ★ People who are looking for peace and happiness to heal emotional problem


Schedule:    From  May 6th  to  May 25th , 2024  (12 days)

                    6/8/10/11   13/15/17/18   20/22/24/25  

Class time:  8:30 pm – 10:30 pm (Beijing time)

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Teachers:  Master Lv Junfeng

Cost Fee:  240$

Registration:  790103465@qq.com

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Zhineng Qigong Science 

Teacher Training Course

Zhineng Qigong Science is a cutting-edge science in the field of human life. It mainly focuses on studying the essence of life activities and consciousness activities, revealing the mysteries of human life and the laws of the universe. Zhineng Qigong Science aims to improve people's health, well-being and overall quality of life, help people discover and awaken their true-self, and run towards being free in the field of life.


Zhineng Qigong has iinherited the essence of a variety of traditional Qigong, and has assimilated the reasonable quintessence of the holistic concept of "TIAN REN HE YI" in ancient Chinese civilization. It has absorbed achievements from modern sciencemodern medicine and philosophy as well. It has established an integrated and well-organized theoretical system and has compiled hierarchical methods easy to learn and practice. It has also created a brand new approach to efficiently teach learners on a large scale in their Qigong practice - organizing Qi field. All these developments result inentirely new look in Qigong and enable traditional Qigong to develop into Zhineng Qigong Science.


Practicing Zhineng Qigong can improve human life function from normal to supernormal. The way to learn Zhineng Qigong Science is different from other sciences. Practitioners need to obtain Qigong experience through special training (the practice with partichlar internal application of consciousness) , and upgrade their normal life state into advanced state, which brings many benefits, such as preventing and curing diseases, improving health level and prolonging life, cultivating perfect personality and moral cultivation, developing potential intelligence, and so on. In short, Zhineng Qi gong will bring you a whole new life.


Our goal is to help you become a Zhineng Qigong teacher and Hunyuanqi healer. By systematic learning, you can deeply understand the basic theory of Zhineng Qigong, master the efficient Zhineng Qigong methods and Hunyuan Qigong healing technique, thus help patients relieve the pain of disease, accelerate their recovery process, and improve their health. This course is suitable for all who are interested in Zhineng Qigong Science and Hunyuan Qi healing technique.


This Course is suitable for:

This course is open to all practitioners and beginners,  previous Zhineng Qigong experience are not required . 

With the influence of a strong Qi-field, the physical and mental health levels of participants will be rapidly improved; By practicing qigong diligently every day, practitioners and patients will benefit from it.

      ★ People who are determined to explore the mystery of life and are willing to become an Zhineng Qigong teacher
      ★ Patients who are looking for self-healing methods of Zhineng Qigong due to insufficient medical effect. (We will teach many healing methods, and Qigong masters will give group healing in each course)
      ★ People in sub-health state or patients in the recovery period after tumor surgery or other diseases
      ★ People who are seeking peace and happiness to get rid of all kinds of emotional problems
      ★ People who have practiced Qigong for many years and are willing to explore deeper Qigong state and improve kungfu level as a whole (theory, practice, ability)
      ★ Practitioners who have difficulty in feeling Qi and Qi field (the practice of recognizing "Qi" in this course is the key to breaking through the difficulty of Qigong)
      ★ Therapists and Health and Well-being Coaches who are willing to master Zhineng Qigong healing technology

Tips: This course is not suitable for serious patients who cannot practice in standing posture.

You are Welcome to participate in the Zhineng Qigong Teacher Training Event

                        Explore new field that bring health,  well-being and awakening to yourself and others……

Phase 1:  Zhi neng Qi gong - "TianRen HeYi",  gather the infinite Qi of the universe

Zhineng Qigong Level 1 LQUPQD,  Zhineng Qigong Level 2  Body Mind Form,  Zhineng Qigong Static Sitting Skill,   Holding Hunyuan Skill, ect.

Among them, Group practice of "Zhineng Qigong Static Sitting Skill" and "Holding Hunyuan Qi Skill" is opened to practitioners for the first time .

Schedule:  31th March - 27th May 2023  18 sessions / 36 hrs  (The event has been completed

Phase 2 :  Zhineng Qigong - Healing for Inner Organs ( FiveZang - Heart, Kidneys, Spleen, Liver, Lungs ) and emotional problems

"Zhineng Qigong Level 3 Five Hunyuan Form""Zhineng Qigong Static Sitting Skill" and "Holding Hunyuan Qi Skill" ect.

Schedule:  9th June - 22th July 2023  19 sessions / 38 hrs   The event has been completed

Phase 3:  Zhineng Qigong - Foundation of HunYuanQi Healing Technique

"Zhineng Qigong Healing Technique""3CM " and some methods for Developing super abilities, ect.

Schedule:  2th Jan - 6th Feb 2023    16 sessions / 32 hrs    The event has been completed


Phase 4:  Zhineng Qigong -  Gather Qi to the middle, Foundation of Middle HunYuan Level Practice

"Practise Qi – Eight Methods",  "Straight Legs Sitting Posture", "Throat breathing", ect.

Schedule:  Postponed to the end of 2024    16 sessions / 32 hrs   

Class time: 8:30 pm – 10:30 pm.  (Beijing time)

Teachers:   Master Tao Qingyu  and  Master Lv Junfeng

Registration:  790103465@qq.com   taoqingyu@139.com

Participation fee:  € 460.00  or  $480.00

Completion certificate and teacher certification certificate

When each stage is completed, you will receive a completion certificate. After completing all stages, you will receive the completion certificate of  Zhineng Qigong  Teacher Training Course.

If you plan to obtain a more professional identity, you need to apply for international certification procedures. In this case, we will assess your skills and knowledge level. After pass the assessment, You will receive a Certificate of Achievement to become a Certified  Zhineng Qigong Teacher and a Hunyuan Qi therapist.

Zhineng Qigong Science Teacher Training Course

Methods, Theory, Skills and Abilities  Training  (Foundation & Completion Phase)

Principle of applying consciousness

YiYuanTi and The reference Frame Work

Emotions and health

Cultivating morality in everyday life

The sounds chanting and meditation of FiveZan

Heal & improve the function of heart

Heal & improve the function of kidneys

Heal & improve the function of spleen

Heal & improve the function of liver

Heal & improve the function of lungs

Causes of the disease

The way from unhealthy to healthy

The first step of healing?

Knowledge of basic human anatomy and major physiological functions

Hunyuan Qi Healing Technique - theory, skill, ability, practice and method training

Distance Healing – Skills and practice

"Zhineng Qigong Level 1",Lift Qi Up Pour Qi Down - Theory and Practice

"Zhineng Qigong Level 2", Body Mind Form - Theory and Practice

"Zhineng Qigong Static Sitting Skill",

"Holding Hunyuan Skill"

Qi field - Theory and Practice

Methods to strengthen Qi core - theory and practice

Practice other methods, such as ChenQi, LaQi, Wall-Squat

Meditation with eight phrases

Organizing a Qi field

The three level of Substances philosophy

Two modes (state) of life

Zhineng Qigong and western medicine

How to merge into Qi-field

Hunyuan Lingtong chanting

The influence of Qigong

About Qigong State

About DANTIAN, Strengthen your Dantian Qi